To ensure that our recommendations are aligned with our clients’ needs, we have developed a clearly stated and structured investment philosophy. Our lead advisers are involved in all aspects of selecting investment options, institutional managers, asset allocation, and tactical planning to support your financial goals. We believe that a formal process combining these important considerations is critical to your success.


The foundation of our investment strategy is a calculated combination of asset allocation and diversification. We believe that the selection of an appropriate mix of insurance-based products with traditional and alternative investment options is the key to a successful portfolio. Our systematic approach allows us to help our clients meet their investment objectives without taking on excessive risks.


We believe there are times when it is both beneficial and prudent to modify the elements in a portfolio in accordance with current or unexpected market turns. Using a tactical overlay by infusing certain non-correlated investment options allows us to potentially reduce overall risks. Our Investment Committee meets frequently to discuss our position on the global economy and financial markets, and to ensure that we have the appropriate processes and procedures in place to make the smartest decisions possible for our clients.


An important component of a strong investment portfolio is the manager selection. We attempt to select managers that consistently outperform their market benchmarks and peers. Considering the fact that there is no hard evidence proving one management style to be better than the other, our portfolios encompass a combination of both active and passive management.

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